lunedì 2 dicembre 2013

DeepSaros ver. 4.1.2 it has not been prepared for the challenges against other engines, this is not his goal, but it's a chess engine designed exclusively for chess players who are searching variants and game plans sharp and speculative.
Here are some examples of how it is possible, using DeepSaros 4.1.2 to find continuations original and elegantly.

Karpov - Gelfand. Linares, 1993.

In this position, DeepSaros offers immediately the move used by Karpov in the game: 1.Rd1-d5!

Minasian-Jonkman. Anibal op, 2000

Even in this position DeepSaros suggest: 1.Rd1xd6!

Another nice position:

Karpov-Kasparov. New York, 1991

Here, all chess engines suggest the move: 1.Bf8, with draw... But not DeepSaros!
He embraces the choice, brave and speculative, of Gary Kasparov and play 1.Rxe3!

These choices are the best ever?
Probably not. Against a computer, no ... But against a human player, I say yes!
The psychological effect is very important in chess, and that's why the moves unusual and surprising, often have a deadly effect.
Take, eg., the last diagram. Maybe Houdini able to resist the sacrifice of the Black, but a human being? Even a great champion like karpov did not succeed...

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