lunedì 9 dicembre 2013

Don Dailey Tribute 8CPU (starting soon)

Graham Banks has just started a tournament in memory of the late Don Daley. Deep Saros still suffers of a not optimal Time Manager, but this is a good opportunity to see if he is worthy to aspire to fight with the best engines...

Xeon X5430x2 Octal
2048mb hash per engine where possible
3-4-5 piece tablebases
Ponder off
ICCFMasters2011.cgb book (limited to 12 move depth)
40 moves in 29 minutes repeating (equivalent to CCRL 40/40)
All engines 64-bit 8CPU where available
2 cycles 26 rounds


Houdini 4 64-bit 8CPU
Komodo TCEC 64-bit 8CPU
Stockfish DD 64-bit 8CPU
Critter 1.6a 64-bit 8CPU
Rybka 4.1 64-bit 8CPU
Bouquet 1.8 64-bit 8CPU
Gull 2.3 64-bit 8CPU
DeepSaros 4.1.3b 64-bit 8CPU
Sting SF 4 8CPU
Hannibal 1.4b 64-bit 8CPU
Protector 1.5.0 64-bit 8CPU
Chiron 1.5 64-bit 8CPU
Hiarcs 14 8CPU
Deep Junior Yokohama 64-bit 8CPU

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